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     LA Gunsmithing specializes in custom gunsmithing services. Including gun repair and maintenance, custom gun making, custom actions, custom shotgun and rifle stocks, antique firearm and colonial gun restoration.


     Most firearms are made on an assembly line and though the techniques and science oriented improvements utilized today may seem adequate for most shooters, there is still a lot to be desired. 
Anyone who reads the magazines of the Firearms Industry is aware that most all stock firearms can be enhanced through the services of custom Gunsmiths.

  • The gunsmith can do the final finish work that mass production techniques do not do.
  • The gunsmith is your repair person if something should fail.
  • The gunsmith can enhance and improve on what the manufacturer has considered acceptable
  • The gunsmith can enhance performance and accuracy.
  • The gunsmith can do it all at once or a singular process at a time as long as things are done in the correct order.


The first thing any shooter needs is a sight picture that allows him to reliably repeat his sight alignment on target.  There are a myriad of sighting systems available for handguns, rifle and shotguns that are an improvement over factory issued equipment.  High viability fixed and adjustable sights are available with options as rear sight optical/ front sight configurations and fiber optic materials for both front and rear.  LA Gunsmithing will be glad to help clients make decisions in these areas based on anticipated usage of the firearm in question. 

Step TWO:
The firearm needs a trigger pull that will allow the shooter to reliably release the fire control mechanism without creating excess wobble in his sight picture.  The degree of reduced trigger pull will depend on what the shooter’s experience level will safely allow him to deal with.  Also, the type of usage the pistol, or rifle, or shotgun is intended for. 

Self defense firearms should not have trigger pulls like target pistols. 
unting firearms  due to the variety of weather, terrain and excitement factors are figured differently. A short deer brush gun will be set up differently than a long range 270 for plains deer at distance off a support.
Competitive target guns will vary by type and rules within the shooting sport the firearm is built for. 
Revolvers, or semi-auto’s vary by firearms design limits and the fact that most of these handguns are for defensive use and must reliably ignite the primer every time.